Marc Ankenbauer's 10+ year quest to jump in every named lake in Glacier and Waterton National Parks for charity.
168 lakes. Only 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
-- Marc jumped into Fisher Cap Lake on Sunday September 8th, 2013 to complete his goal! --
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The last lake is scheduled!

After 10 years, the last lake is finally scheduled. I'm planning to jump in Fishercap Lake in Many Glacier on Sunday, Sept 8th. It's not exactly an organized event, but if you find yourself at Fishercap around 1pm-ish... I would love to see you. I'm sure there will be more information and some kinda get together, but right now I'm still … [Continue reading]

Carthew Pond : The Last Canadian Lake #162

Carthew 2

One of the greatest aspects to the seasonal world of Glacier National Park is the people you call your peers. It’s not about who you were in the past or even who you are in winter. Right now, maybe just for this summer… you are the lucky few. Right now you are here, no matter what demographic life would normally put you in. No matter … [Continue reading]

Running Crane Lake : Grizzly Bears, Icebergs and Captain Clint #161


Remember in early July when it was like 5 million degrees in the Western United States? Obviously an exaggeration, but it did break records in Las Vegas and Death Valley of 117 and 129 respectively. This was also when Glacier’s already hot summer took it to the next level. It was breaking 90 daily for a couple weeks. That is very hot … [Continue reading]

#160 Lilly Lake : Who in the **** named this thing?

Lilly red neck

About six years ago I began to investigate the specifics of the lake project a bit deeper. I knew there were 132 name lakes in Glacier National Park. Most of them are very obviously labeled on the park topographical map. At the time I had so much on my plate that it didn’t much matter what made up those 132. I could throw a dart at the … [Continue reading]

Grace Lake : Scat, Tracks and the Ancient Grizzly Bear Trail

Grace 8

Early May in the Northern Rocky Mountains is a time of reemergence. A time when every creature big and small is going through changes and coming back to life. The first flowers of the year, called Glacier Lilies, will cover an area that two days ago was covered in snow! All the while, the upper reaches of the peaks are still in the … [Continue reading]

The Great Seasonal Employee Migration

Seasonal 8

It’s late spring and all across America a herd is starting to move. I'm talking about one of the hemispheres greatest mass migrations, and many of you are a part of it. It is time for summer seasonal employees to migrate to exciting new corners of the world for a countless variety of … [Continue reading]

Observation Hill : McMurdo’s Local Mountain

Observation Hill is a small mountain or a large hill on the outskirts of McMurdo Station... It is the Antarctica version of the little, after work, local mountain. On top of the summit there is a large cross that was placed there in honor of Robert Falcon Scott. He was the famous British explorer that was the second to ever reach the South … [Continue reading]

Bench Lake-The Land of Alder: Ten Lakes Left!!!

NOTE: The Missoulian article that was written on March 11th, 2013 about the lake project stated that I have 10 lakes left, but up till now the website count still said 11 left.  Pat and I got Bench Lake done right before I left for Antarctica and I was never able to get the story posted before I was whisked away to the Great White South.  So, many … [Continue reading]

Katoya,Morning Star, Pitamakin, Seven Winds, Upper Two Medicine Lakes : Wub comes to Visit…

In 2004 I had finally solidified a good job in Glacier National Park and was excited for it to begin. When you start a summer seasonal job in a place like this you day dream of extending it to your friends and family back home. Back home for me is Cincinnati, Ohio and so are some of my best friends. My buddy Jerry decided to throw down the … [Continue reading]

We Met Our Original Goal of $5000!!! Thank You!!!

THANK YOU!    THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!! GIVE YOURSELF A ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!   Ten years ago I decided to undertake what will prove to be the most time-consuming, physically exhausting and kinda bizarre endeavor I’ll ever participate in. I wanted to try to be the first person to “Jump in Every Named Lake in Glacier and Waterton … [Continue reading]