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-- Marc jumped into Fisher Cap Lake on Sunday September 8th, 2013 to complete his goal! --
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Low Light/Night Photography – Olympus OMD EM5

low light 4

Its obvious why Glacier National Park is an amazing place to take photos during the day. 

From sunrise to sunset the vivid mountains, lakes and streams are constantly evolving with the changes in light. 

Night photography is widely overlooked in the park, since most peole are either indoors or asleep. 

The park is kind of a scary place to just roam in the darkness.   

The dark clear nights in Glacier National Park give the Olympus OMD EM5 a perfect test piece for low light and  night photography.

low light 1

Later summer the skies get smokey from fires west of the park. 

low light 7

But, early summer skies are one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. 

low light 2

The high resolution screen is amazing to see the photos on, you can see more detail than on my laptop.

low light 3

My friends came to visit and camped in the park giving me a perfect fire, low light backdrop to work on.

   low light 5

Many Glacier Hotel is one the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen.  Its also very busy and because of that you never really get good pictures.  Its impossible to not have some random couple in your photographs. 

I got the chance to stay the night in Many Glacier Hotel when my sister in law and her friend came to visit.

I waited till all the visitors went to bed and I roamed the halls with my Slik tripod.  I set it up in every hallway and lobby. 

It was an amazing opportunity.

Thanks Mary and Laura!!

low light 8

The Hotel has so much character to capture.

The Lucerne Room was lit up but vacant. 

I got some photos that even the famous Glacier National Park singer/story teller David Walburn might be interested in.

David, I’ll get these shots off to you soon.

low light 9

This was the first night photograph that I tried to capture.

Its just the St. Mary Grocery Store sign but focusing on it allowed me to pull night stars all around.

low light 10

This is Abigale.

She finally stood still for long enough to allow herself to silhouetted against Waterton Lake.

low light 11

The moon was setting one night right behind the continental divide in Two Medicine.

low light 12

I don’t understand why the moon moves so fast in Montana but you can literally watch it move.  This was 30 seconds later.

low light 13

And, 30 seconds later…

Gosh, Montana…How do you do it?

low light 14

Lets ponder it over two of Brian Roys and Matt Wibbenmeyer’s homebrew porters.

This is my bid for the new “Car Port Brewery” bottle lable.

low light 15

What do you think?  Tell me in the comments.

To Life,



Matt Mizwicki
Matt Mizwicki

Marc your blog and photos continually make me want to move to Montana!!