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Cutbank Bear Grass – Olympus OMD EM5

Bear Grass 1

On the eastern front of Glacier National Park is a remote valley known for Grizzly bears, flowers and the mountain that splits the continent.

Cutbank is a beautiful, mostly flat creek valley draining the first trickles of the Atlantic Ocean.  From deep in the Cutbank valley is Triple Divide Peak which you can pour water on top of and it runs to the Pacific, the Atlantic and Hudson Bay.  The exact spot in which the continent gives way in all directions towards the ocean.

Bear Grass 2

What I found as I walked in this amazing place was Bear Grass.

Bear grass is a beautiful white bulb on top of a hollow but stiff stalk.  They only bloom every 5 or 7 years approximately.

So sometimes the summer really doesn’t have much bear grass.

Bear Grass 3

Other Summers its AMAZING!!

This seems like one of those summers.

Bear Grass 4

The Olympus OMD EM5 and a light weight Slik tripod allowed me to get the best pictures of bear grass I have ever taken in my life!!

Bear Grass 5

Currently I only have the 12-50 kit lens, but the Macro function on this thing is ridiculous!


Bear Grass 6

I can’t believe I’m getting shots like these.


Bear Grass 12

I’m very happy with the cameras ability to focus on exactly what you want to pop with detail.

Bear Grass 9

I was also able to get this great blur shot of the creek.

Bear Grass 13


The dramatic effect has allowed for a dream like, stylized photo.  I’m completely enamored by this art setting.

Bear Grass 8

But with a camera this good, you need to be capturing reality in its finest moments

Bear Grass 10

Have any of you photographers out there experienced any times when nature offered you some unexpected great shots? If so, tell me about it in the comments below…

To Life,